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Just Magick



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Introducing Just Magick Oil, a natural and chemical-free solution designed to alleviate skin irritations in horses. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, this oil is not only safe but also gentle on your horse's skin. It efficiently soothes and moisturizes irritated areas, promoting overall skin health and a lustrous coat. Whether your horse faces dryness, itchiness, or inflammation, Just Magick Oil provides quick and effective relief without resorting to harmful chemicals.

An excellent addition to your horse's grooming routine, Just Magick Oil offers a natural and holistic approach to maintaining healthy skin and coat. It is important to note that when using Just Magick Oil, horses should be rugged as it is an oil-based product. Additionally, the oil can be applied directly to the skin or used as a warm oil bath.

Just Magick Oil, along with the Just Magick Lotion, features the same signature blend of Pure Essential Oils. Both products can be utilized to treat any part of the body, differing in consistency and absorption rates to cater to various applications.

For horses dealing with issues such as Greasy Heel, Queensland Itch, or Rain Scald, Just Magick Oil is an essential part of the treatment program. It is best suited for mane, tail, body, and legs. However, please note that it is not suitable for dogs.

Ideal for covering large areas and penetrating the thick hair of the mane and tail, Just Magick Oil possesses the right consistency to work its way down to the skin when massaged over the affected area. It instantly forms a soothing barrier while the skin undergoes repair, stimulating hair growth and rapid healing. Furthermore, it offers ongoing insect protection and serves as an effective mane and tail detangler.

Trust Just Magick Oil to provide your horse with a natural and effective solution for skin irritations while promoting overall skin health and a radiant coat.

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