JUST MAGICK Oil for Horses

JUST MAGICK Oil for Horses

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Just Magick Oil (& Lotion) contains the same signature blend of Pure Essential Oils and all can be used to treat any part of the body, although they differ in consistency and absorption rates to suit different applications.

Maintain your treatment program with Just Magick Shampoo.

Just Magick Oil treatment is a signature blend of Essential Oils in a nourishing and natural Oil base.

  • best for Mane, Tail, Body, and Legs.
  • NOT suitable for DOGS.
  • suitable to cover large areas and to penetrate the thick hair of the mane and tail.
  • has just the right consistency to work its way down to the skin when massaged over the affected area and will instantly form a soothing barrier whilst the skin repairs itself.
  • can stimulate hair growth and rapid healing whilst also offering some ongoing insect protection.
  • always protect animals from direct sun when using topical oil treatments.
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